Bosch 'Power 4 All' 18 Volt Lithium Ion System

22 Oct 10

Cordless freedom in the house and garden: The “Power4All” cordless family from Bosch

“Power4All” is the cordless system with lithium-ion technology for an entire family of Bosch tools in the house and garden! Top performance with a single, powerful 18 volt battery that fits all cordless tools in the new system.
The main benefits of the system are

  • No redundant, not compatible batteries and chargers anymore
  • Clear price advantage when buying further family bare tools
  • High-end quality tools with strong performance (18V) like corded tools

Direct links to the tools can be found here

The house and garden are increasingly merging to form a living space that is in touch with nature. Bosch is reacting to this trend with the “Power4All” cordless system: common applications in the house and garden can be done using one battery in the 18 volt class. Cordless garden tools such as grass trimmers, hedgecutters and – the latest addition to the 18 volt family – the leaf blower ALB 18 LI can be operated with this battery, as can the cordless drill/driver, cordless impact drill‚ cordless jigsaw and cordless multi-sander from the DIY series.

Bosch is therefore offering the user a high level of flexibility. The batteries are compatible and interchangeable. This enables efficient work, because empty batteries can be recharged while you are working with a full battery. This also puts an end to the mishmash of different batteries and chargers. With virtually all tools in the 18 volt family the user has the option of only purchasing what he or she really needs: a set consisting of the tool, battery and charger, only the tool without a battery and charger, only the 18 volt battery or only the charger.

Lithium-ion batteries have hardly any self-discharge, so they are always ready to use. They also have no memory effect, so they can be recharged at any time without the user having to accept a deterioration in battery performance.